Why I LOVE the EarlyWorks Events Calendar

One of my favourite features of EarlyWorks is the Events Calendar. To me it’s the gift that keeps on giving, as the more you investigate the Calendar, the more you realise you can do with it. Birthdays, planned experiences from the program, tasks, excursions and events can all be added to the Events calendar.

Educators will be able to see the birthdays of all the children in their room, making it easy to plan ahead for each child to ensure they feel special on their birthday.

Families will also be able to see the birthday of their own child.  A nice way to reinforce the way every child is special to the childcare community.

Educators can include the experiences planned for each day in the Events Calendar. This enhances the connection between childcare and home, with families being able to talk to their children about the fun activities planned for the day.  It’s particularly handy for holiday programs as families can see at a glance what their children will be during vacation care, and if any special clothes are required like swimming togs, towels or wet weather gear.

Having experiences included in educators’ calendars is helpful for casual or relief educators who may not be familiar with the usual routine.

Any tasks that have been allocated are also automatically added to the calendar. The calendar also makes it clear which tasks are pending and which are completed.

As the EarlyWorks calendar is called an Events calendar, it wouldn’t be complete without events😊 Educators can add special events such as staff meetings, Easter parades, and board meetings. They can also choose whose calendars they will be added to: all families, selected families, all educators, selected educators, all rooms, selected rooms. 

Excursions can also be added to the Events calendar. And the icing on the cake is that excursion permission forms can be generated and sent out via EarlyWorks to families of children going on the excursion.

If you’re ready to move on from post-it notes, paper diaries and scribble pads, the EarlyWorks events calendar might just be the icing on the cake you’ve been craving!

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