At EarlyWorks we strive for excellence in product development and customer support. Our biggest reward is to have satisfied clients share their experience with us. Below are a few notable testimonials that we would like to share with you.

  • As a new FDC Service, we started documenting the programs and children’s observations on paper, as we had done in our previous Services and as educators ourselves. I was never keen with online programs and apps.
    We were introduced to Earlyworks, from another Service, as had been using it for a while.
    From the first introduction with Jane, both Jane and Phil’s ongoing support and mentoring…..we were hooked, and couldn’t wait to slowly introduce this platform to our educators.
    Some of our educators were nervous, as had been using paper documentation for years, but with guidance and patience, they are embracing it. They are loving the way it all links up and generates the planning cycle and learning journey for each child or project from the data they are entering.
    The latest portfolio option is a game changer for the educators. Families are getting involved and enjoying viewing and contributing to their child’s Family Day Care service.
    Koolanga have found Jane and Phil very approachable, friendly, and professional..

    Helen Miles Co-Owner/Educational Leader - Koolanga Family Day Care Service
  • Phil and Jane have worked with us exceptionally well to meet the needs of our services. They were able to work with us to solve the double enrolment issue of children who attend both our Early Learning and OSHC service so that the children had a single portfolio and there was not a dual enrolment charge for parents.
    They have worked with us as we changed CCSS platforms with minimal interruptions to our services. They have made updates to forms when possible and offered training and support for our entire Early Works Experience.
    I highly recommend them as a service provider.

    Sebastian Tuttle Director of Children Services - Centre Based Service Manager - Thrive Group
  • We have used EarlyWorks at our centre for over 2 years and absolutely love it.
    It covers a lot of areas of need such as daily communication with parents, critical reflections, observations, experiences, intentional teaching, task allocation, QIP, sharing of documents, incident reports, etc to name a few. Our Educators enjoy using the program and it has helped us improve our professionalism and cater to the needs of our families.
    As an Educational Leader and part of the management team I was able to view what was taking place in the centre in one program and it made our decision making process a lot easier.
    Upon A&R time we were able to clearly demonstrate how we tick each quality areas with the use of EarlyWorks.
    Another amazing thing about EarlyWorks is the Support you get. Before we started using EarlyWorks all our Educators were provided with training and this continued throughout the years. Whenever there was an inquiry or a suggestion EarlyWorks team and especially Jane support us through it. When we needed a certain feature included in the program Jane and her team worked to incorporate it. This showed us that EarlyWorks does want to cater to its customers.
    We absolutely love EarlyWorks and I would encourage you to try it.

    Udani Wickramasiri Assistant Director - Blue Skies Child Care Centre
  • We have been working with it now for just on a year and i have had experience with 3 other programs previously. It not only runs rings around the other programs with functionality, but it is easy to use. My senior educators that have been in the industry like myself for long periods of time have been able to get around it with minimal support and training.  And training has been fantastic.  One on one and group and they answer the phone all the time.  I love it!

    Denise Rath Director - Rising Stars Newmarket ELC
  • At My Planet Childcare, we have only been using EarlyWorks for about 2 months. We are working towards maximising its full potential, where the flexibility of the software allows us to express our own individual styles of teaching and practices whilst also encouraging us to reflect of our pedagogical practices without conforming to a particular format. It is a platform where we can provide a more holistic approach in all aspects of Education and Care under the umbrella of inclusion for all children.
    Now with the added use of an App, our families feel a lot more comfortable with the use of technology checking up on their child’s Daily Communication (routine information), programs and observations, pictures, etc. We have also started to see an increase in parent participation and communication via EarlyWorks.
    The EarlyWorks Team are amazing. They are always happy to receive feedback on the use of the software, as well as provide some insight on how to approach parts of the software keeping in mind the EYLF and NQS.
    Overall, EarlyWorks gives you more time with the children, helps you present and come up with programs in a more meaningful ways, aids your educators and educational leader to consolidate and streamline practices and fosters better communication and involvement with families.

    Lynda Stein Owner/Director - My Planet Childcare
  • I just want to share with you our delight with utilising EarlyWorks as an online platform for educators and families.
    We have had nothing but positive feedback towards this app, and it continues to improve with maintaining updated with any changes happening with the Early Childhood Sector.
    Families love that they can check up on their child’s day at any time and not having to wait until pick up time to find out. Families love that it is simple and easy to use and can easily be downloaded on any tablet, phone or computer.
    This app is amazing for educators to complete all tasks relevant in achieving high quality care and education to the children at families. We love that we can organise/ schedule a demo and online training sessions with you at any time and you have been more than flexible and accommodating to our centre’s needs.
    I continually and will remain praising EarlyWorks and we are always recommending your online system to anyone and everyone who wish to update, change or start up with a new online platform.
    Thank you so much EarlyWorks and the employees behind it all, you are doing an amazing job, Keep up the amazing work!

    Kelly Friend Centre Director - Alexandria Early Learning Centre
  • I want to say thank you for the ongoing support. Today Ashton was saying how much she loved talking to you. You have made all the staff feel valued and secure.
    It’s always such a scary journey when we make big changes but this process has been a really enjoyable.

    Tamsin Rounsevell Coordinator/ Nominated Supervisor - Turtle Cove Early Learning Centre Strathalbyn
  • Since introducing EarlyWorks into our centre in May 2016, we have been very impressed with the improvements in almost every aspect of our service. All of our educators have found it very easy to use, and has saved countless hours of manual paperwork. The response from all of our parents & families has been very positive, and communications between the educators and parents has improved dramatically.
    So far EarlyWorks has exceeded all of our expectations, and we would highly recommend using this program to any early childhood education service.

    Jason Place Centre Manager - Montessori Stepping Stones
  • We 100% recommend EarlyWorks to all centres. We have found our programming time has halved and much more simple to get our parents involved and send feedback. The system is very user friendly. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to implement EarlyWorks in our child care.

    Leah Tagliaferri Owner/Director - Glen Iris Child Care Centre
  • Play & Learn introduced EarlyWorks at our O’Connor centre as a trial  3 months ago. We had already trialled another product earlier in  the year, but found it to be complicated and cumbersome to use. The Educators did not enjoy using it. We spent a considerable amount of time looking for a product that would be simple to use as well as meeting  the requirements of our programming system, not to mention the ability to monitor and audit learning programs created and implemented. EarlyWorks has proven to be a very simple,  user friendly and professional product that has taken very little effort to roll out. There has been ample support and training, and based on the success of this trial, we will be rolling this system into all the Play & Learn centres in January.
    We are looking forward to the implementation of EarlyWorks throughout the group as not only a time saving and more efficient way to effectively program for children, but with the ability to share the children’s information with families so easily, we look forward to adding value to our clients experience with Play & Learn.

    Paige Baylis Manager Education and Practice - Play and Learn Child Care Centres