Can I include experiences that are intentional in EarlyWorks?

Yes, you can! In fact, we recommend it.

According to the EYLF, intentional teaching is ‘deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful’. So, it is likely many of the new experiences you add to your program will be intentional. Every time you plan an experience that is building on what you have observed the children do, know and understand, you are being intentional. Every time you reflect on your observations and plan new experiences based on those reflections, you are being intentional. Every time you demonstrate flexibility in your planning, you are being intentional. 

How can I make it clear in EarlyWorks that I am engaging in intentional teaching?

When you add a new experience and click on ‘preceding observations’, you can link your experience to the observations that led you to planning the new experience, as well as labelling your experience as being intentional teaching.

Then when you view the program, it will be clear your experience is building on your observations of children’s learning as well as being intentional.

EarlyWorks makes it easy for you to clearly demonstrate how you are providing experiences that show an understanding of the social and cultural backgrounds of each child, their interests, their learning needs, and their sense of fun!

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