EarlyWorks Blog

We try to produce a blog entry every couple of weeks; the content of the blogs is often inspired by queries from, or chats with our community of EarlyWorks users. We love the opportunity to engage in robust discussion with educators from all over the country about putting theory into practice, living out the Principles and Practices of the EYLF, or addressing the NQS.

EarlyWorks announces new Kindy Manager integration

Childcare centres using Kindy Manager can now synchronise their child, family, booking and attendance data directly into their EarlyWorks programming and documentation platform. Trial EarlyWorks alongside your existing Kindy Manager platform using real data at no cost and without obligation. Take advantage of features such as NQS/NQF Planning Cycle Support, Ongoing Assessment, QIP Generation, Online […]

Creating an OSHC program in EarlyWorks

It’s easier than you might think! This is a question we often hear from services enquiring about using EarlyWorks, so I have done a lot of thinking about what the answer is.  And the good news is, it’s not that complicated. To be inclusive of all children, the program does not need to include individually […]

Children’s empowerment in play and technology

When we think about EarlyWorks, we probably think of it as an Educator tool, after all much of our day is documented in EarlyWorks: nappy changes, menus, sleep times, observations, experiences, journals, online forms. And most of the phone and email conversations I have focus on how educators and families use EarlyWorks.  My perspective on […]

Not happy with your recent Assessment and Rating?

“We are working SO hard, and feel we’re providing an outstanding service, yet we can’t seem to have this reflected in our rating! Where are we going wrong?” Sound familiar? The solution to this problem might be found in a quality improvement research project ACECQA commissioned that was carried out by Macquarie University, QUT, and […]

EYLF Version 2.0 and MTOP Version 2.0

Version 2 of the national approved learning frameworks (EYLF and MTOP) have just been released by ACECQA. This will impact outcomes, principles, practices, as well as some terminology changes relating to the planning cycle. We want to assure you that our team are committed to providing the EarlyWorks support you need to navigate these changes. […]

Our new look for 2023

We are always looking at ways to improve the user experience with EarlyWorks.  So we are excited to announce that early in 2023 we will be introducing a cleaner look with sharper fonts, making the screens more inviting for all users of EarlyWorks: educators, administrators and most importantly, families.

Family Day Care Educators, We Salute You!

It is no secret Family Day Care Educators are highly valued by the families that choose to have their children cared for in a home environment. According to Family Day Care Australia, families might choose family day care so that siblings can be cared for together, and because families can build trusting relationships with Educators […]

I love working with the children, but I struggle to keep up with observations!

Does this sound like you? It’s likely you are ticking all of the National Quality Standards when it comes to being child centred, responding to children’s ideas and play, extending children’s learning, being child directed, developing collaborative partnerships with families, and respecting family views. It’s likely your families, the children, and your colleagues all love […]

Why EarlyWorks is perfect for kindergartens

Complete and comprehensive functionality Meet your EYLF/NQF compliance requirements Include your kindergarten (or other specialised) curriculum Generate child summative assessments Create transition statements with the click of a button Produce beautiful ongoing or end-of-year portfolios Government approved From just $29.95 per month Book an EarlyWorks demo or PD at https://getearlyworks.com.au/get-started/