CCS Integration

We partner with Xplor and Smart Central to create a combined childcare management and education solution, providing synchronisation of child, family, staff and attendance information. In some cases, staff and families can access both EarlyWorks and your CCS system using the one login screen.

We can provide ongoing synchronisation and integration with Xplor and Smart Central.  Xplor and Smart Central subscriptions will need to to purchased separately.

Automated CCS

Schedule and submit updates and query information from the government’s Childcare Subsidy System. CCS Certified for long day care, OSHC and family day care centres.

Non CCS Service Support

Fully supports non CCS services such as Preschools, including services using state based funding rules like Start Strong and QKFS.

Business Reporting

Get insights into all key areas of your business with real-time dashboards including occupancy, revenue, bookings, and outstanding accounts.

Digital time and attendance

Simplify attendance recording and data capture for families, staff, childcare providers and government.  Check at a glance to see who’s in , who’s late , who’s gone and who should’ve gone home.

Customised Digital Enrolment

Guide prospective families through a customised online enrolment.  Automate and simplify your internal admissions process.

Digital Waitlist

Maximise your wait list. Sort and manage by age, priority and other custom filtering criteria set by you. Reach out quickly to your wait list and fill open places with the click of a button.

Parent Mobile Bookings

Parents can see availability and request casual bookings, helping you increase occupancy and maintain profitability.

Parent Accounts

Manage all your parents billing and accounts receivable in one place. Parents can view their accounts in real-time, allowing you to reconcile easily.

Staff Rostering

Create and edit rosters, then notify your employees with a click. Anytime, anywhere. Easily track employee hours for payroll accuracy and workforce productivity.

Payment Integration

Payment gateway integration with PCI compliant payment processing.

Accounting & Payroll Integration

Connect to your accounting system to transfer general ledger and payroll information seamlessly.

Ratio Calculator

The Ratio Calculator provides information on the number of qualified educators required and the required ratio of Educators to Children attending using NQF formulas.