Digital documentation in childcare

When is enough, enough?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of documentation you are expected to produce?
  • Are you wondering how to document meaningful learning rather than just looking for ‘clickable’ moments?
  • Do you feel as though you’re providing a streaming service rather than an early education and care service?  
  • Do you wonder whether the images and videos you’re sharing with families are a true reflection of each child’s learning?

These are all good questions to be reflecting on.  And they are the focus of this month’s ACECQA ‘We Hear You’ blog. So, if you’re finding yourself wondering how to come up with a manageable way to document, you are definitely not alone. 

I wonder if the problem is that sometimes we are trying to do two things: firstly, reassure families that their children are settled and happy by sending a flow of images and videos throughout the day, and secondly, document the planning cycle of observation, analysis of learning, planning, implementation, and reflection (NQS 1.3). And, while we’re doing all this photo taking, sharing, and documenting, we are also, most importantly, providing quality education and care for the children. Is it any wonder educators are feeling under pressure!

Using EarlyWorks, educators can be providing families with reassuring images of their children’s day, while also addressing the assessment and planning requirements of the National Quality Standard. Journals and Observations can include images and videos that are clearly linked to EYLF or MTOP outcomes, the NQS, and children’s individual planning cycles.

And, EarlyWorks also provides space for reflection. Using EarlyWorks’ Reflections of Pedagogy educators can reflect on the expectations around digital documentation for families. And, families can comment on Observations and Journals, providing feedback on their child’s learning as well as their appreciation of the documentation that educators so lovingly provide.

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