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EarlyWorks is a comprehensive early childhood programming, documentation, portfolio and family communication system.  EarlyWorks simplifies and streamlines all aspects of childcare documentation and programming across an entire service.

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Outcomes Assessment

Automatically create reports of individual child development and progress in relation to learning outcomes of any learning framework as well as developmental milestones.

Collaborative QIP

Administrators and Educators can contribute towards the service’s Quality Improvement Plan. Ease of access and simple input design enable the QIP to be a living document that continuously evolves over time.

Complete Planning Cycle

Step by step processes for planning and observation ensures a clear and visible cycle of planning, documenting and evaluation.

Critical Reflection

Educators reflect on programmes using links to the Principles, Practices and Quality Areas of the NQS. Managers and co-ordinators can provide feedback to educators with the ability to include this in the service’s Quality Improvement Plan.

Family Communication

EarlyWorks makes it easy to keep families informed about the program and their child’s progress in real time.

Event Calendar

Educators, administrators and families can keep track of birthdays, special events, tasks and excursions with EarlyWorks’ event calendar.

Online Incident Reports and Medication Forms

Improve your incident recording processes using our automated online forms

The EarlyWorks Incident Report and Medication Form have been developed inline with ACECQA guideleines. EarlyWorks we are committed to supporting families and services in working together to achieve the best health outcomes for children.

With a consistent push towards sustainable practices from ACECQA, EarlyWorks’ automated online forms has been designed with sustainability in mind.

Parents/guardians and Educators are notified of significant changes to each form’s status. Forms can be completed and signed from any computer or smart device – reducing printing and paper costs.

All forms are saved within EarlyWorks but can also be exported as a PDF for printing or saving elsewhere.


EarlyWorks automatically generates reports of every child’s learning and development in relation to the EYLF, MTOP, state-based framework (e.g. VEYLDF), developmental milestones and/or any customised framework, making it easy for educators to keep track of documentation.


Room Checklists

EarlyWorks automatically generates checklists for each room, showing which outcomes have been planned for and/or observed in each quarter.


Analysis Charts

EarlyWorks also automatically generates charts for each room and for each child, showing a comparison between outcomes planned and observed.

Building respectful supportive relationships with families

Ongoing communication with families builds trust

Families can readily access daily communications about meals, bottle feeds, nappy changes, sleep and rest times.

Families can view and provide feedback on observations, journal entries, and image galleries.

Individual family members can engage in online discussions with educators.

Families can enjoy secure access from any device that is connected to the internet including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Parents can request login access for multiple family members, carers, and other support professionals.


All Functions, Anywhere, Any Time

Families and educators can download the free EarlyWorks App from Apple Appstore or Google Play. 

All the functionality of the cloud-based version of EarlyWorks with  the option of push notifications.

Download the native EarlyWorks app for iOS and Android.

Reflective Practice in Childcare

To promote continuous improvement, it is an NQS requirement that childcare services have a system in place to support the recording of regular reflective practice. EarlyWorks supports reflective practices such as Weekly Reflections to assist educators in improving their knowledge, skills and practices. This in turn creates the best outcomes for children, families and the service. EarlyWorks allows educators to reflect on programmes and practices with links to the Principles and Practices as well as the Quality Areas of the NQS. Managers and co-ordinators provide feedback with the ability to include this in the service’s Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

EarlyWorks also supports collaborative reflection using programme comments. This allows educators and managers to create reflections at any point during the Planning Cycle.

Manage Your EYLF Planning Cycle

EarlyWorks has been designed by industry specialists to support managers and educators in delivering high quality early childhood educational documentation while being simple to produce and easy to use. Observations, Programmes, Journals, Reflections, Children’s Learning Portfolios even the service’s Quality Improvement Plan become almost effortless with EarlyWorks.

Curriculum Planning Formats

EarlyWorks comes preloaded with learning outcomes for the EYLF and the My Time, Our Place Framework for School Age Care. You can also include other learning frameworks (e.g. Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines, Montessori Curriculum, Te Whāriki). Services can also personalise the outcomes available to include additional items such as their service philosophy, theorists, or any other area referenced within a program.

Planning Cycle for EYLF, MTOP, Montessori and other learning frameworks

EarlyWorks’ observations and program planning follow a clear planning cycle of observe, question, plan, act, reflect/evaluate. Educators are alerted to incomplete evaluations to assist in completing the planning cycle.

Learning Story Templates and Formats

EarlyWorks’ flexible educator completed templates complement a variety of documentation styles from learning stories through to short jottings. Editable formats allow educators to design their own unique style in Microsoft Word or use the existing professional layouts for printing.

The EarlyWorks ACECQA Planning Cycle

The ACECQA planning cycle is a process of professional observation, planning and evaluation used by early childhood educators to assist in developing high quality early childhood education programs for children. This cycle is often referred to as the five steps of the planning cycle as shown below.
EYLF Planning Cycle
  • Observe – the process of gathering information.
  • Analyse – questioning what learning and development is taking place to make meaning of what has been observed.
  • Plan – planning the next steps to continue supporting learning and development.
  • Act – putting the plan into action.
  • Reflect – evaluating the effectiveness of the plan.