Complete Planning Cycle

EarlyWorks allows educators to make visible the quality of the program being delivered each day in every room of the service. Using EarlyWorks, educators can document each child’s learning and development. Observations, analysis of learning, planning, implementation, and evaluation of experiences, can all be documented and easily linked as part of an ongoing cycle.

Curriculum planning

Educators can create programs that are child centred, linked to approved frameworks (EYLF, MTOP) and/or customised frameworks. Enough detail can be included for families, casual educators, educator assistants and education leaders to have a clear understanding of what the experience will involve.

Detailed observations

Rich and meaningful observations can be created that go beyond merely stating what children did. EarlyWorks allows educators to create group observations that capture the achievements, strengths and interests of each child.

Record the voice of the child

Verbal or non-verbal communication that highlights learning and development, can be included in observations and journals.

Individual achieved outcomes and developmental milestones

The extent to which each child has progressed towards achieving outcomes and developmental milestones can be documented, with the facility to not only tick outcomes, but add comments detailing how the outcome was evidenced.

Individual child comments

Educators and families can add and respond to comments for their children. A quick and easy way to share ideas, insights, and information to support children’s learning and wellbeing.

Daily or Weekly Journals

Using EarlyWorks Educators can create daily or weekly journals, showcasing all the learning, fun and play that has happened in the whole room.

Programs generated in real-time

Programs can be generated and experiences added and made visible at any time.

Create internal and external links

Links can be created to observations and journals that led to the experience being planned, making visible the cycle of planning. Educators can also create links to online resources such as YouTube clips, relevant articles, and webpages.

Family visibility options

Educators can control access to documentation by choosing appropriate visibility options.

Upload photos, documents and videos

Photos, documents and videos can be uploaded to support the planning cycle and make visible each child’s learning and development.

Event calendar

The event calendar makes it easy for services to share important events, tasks, planned experiences and special days with families and educators.

Record an evaluation of the experience

Educators can evaluate planned experiences ensuring curriculum adjustments are made to meet the needs of each and every child.