EarlyWorks in a Nutshell

So you’ve been hearing a lot about EarlyWorks lately and how it can support your service’s programming and documentation needs. You just want a quick overview before delving a little deeper. Check out the feature list below.

Want more from your programming and documentation system?

Check out our feature list below.  Have we missed anything?

  • Automatically generate room programmes
  • Unlimited image, video and document sharing
  • Incident, accident and trauma reporting
  • Medication authority forms
  • Excursion permission Forms
  • Customisable checklist forms
  • Generate planning cycles for any child or room
  • Accessible via Web or App (computer, phone or tablet)
  • Comprehensive administrator and educator dashboards
  • Documentation and programming diagnostics
  • Event calendar
  • Child alerts
  • Staff activity tracking
  • Meal/menu communications to families
  • Nappy change and toileting communication
  • Rest and sleep time communication
  • Sunscreen information
  • Daily family communications
  • Evaluations of planned experiences
  • Individual child comments and messaging
  • Scheduling of reoccurring tasks
  • Reflections of pedagogy including manager and educator feedback
  • Maintain QIP strengths, improvements and exceeding themes
  • Automatically generate your QIP
  • Gather QIP evidence as part of your ongoing processes
  • Send “Quick” notifications via push notifications and email
  • Track which families and staff have read announcements and reminders.
  • Created printed hardcopies of all documentation in Word and PDF format
  • Can include any framework – EYLF, MTOP, Montessori or and/or custom framework
  • Automatically generate a child’s transition statement
  • Publish service documents (handbooks, policies, etc)
  • View each child’s evolving learning profile
  • Full control of staff and family login access
  • Integration with Xplor and SmartCentral CCMS
  • Ongoing, responsive phone and email support
  • Comprehensive user manual