EarlyWorks is recognised as the most feature packed documentation and programming software package on the market. Here is a summary of what EarlyWorks can provide for your service.

Complete Planning Cycle

EarlyWorks allows educators to make visible the quality of the program being delivered each day in every room of the service.  Using EarlyWorks, educators can document each child’s learning and development. Observations, analysis of learning, planning, implementation, and evaluation of experiences, can all be documented and easily linked as part of an ongoing cycle.

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Family Communication

EarlyWorks makes it easy to keep families informed about the program and their child’s progress in real time.

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Ongoing Assessment

Every child’s learning and development can be easily monitored and assessed at any time. Individual planning cycles, learning journeys and learning profiles are updated by EarlyWorks every time documentation is added.

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Online Forms, Events, Tasks and Checklists

EarlyWorks makes it easy for families and educators to communicate important information from any internet connected device at any time. Incident, Medication and Excursion forms can be completed and signed online. Tasks and checklists can be set, viewed and updated, and events can be added to each user’s event calendar.

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Collaborative QIP

Administrators and Educators can contribute towards the service’s Quality Improvement Plan. Ease of access and simple input design enable the QIP to be a living document that continuously evolves over time.

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CCS Integration

We partner with Kindy Manager, Xplor and Smart Central to provide a combined childcare management and education solution, providing synchronization of child, family, staff and real-time attendance information. Staff and families can access both EarlyWorks and Smart Central via the one login screen.

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