Ongoing Assessment

Every child’s learning and development can be easily monitored and assessed at any time. Individual planning cycles, learning journeys and learning profiles are updated by EarlyWorks every time documentation is added.


EarlyWorks includes an administrator and educator dashboard. Administrators are provided with a visual summary of all documentation completed in the current month, while educators are alerted to tasks and documentation requiring their attention.

Planning cycle report

Educators can keep track of individual and room planning cycles using the EarlyWorks planning cycle generator.

Child Alerts

To ensure every child’s learning and development is documented on a regular basis, educators and administrators can see on one screen, the number of observations, experiences and journals each child has been included in for any time frame, as well as the date of the last entry. Customised alerts can be set up for overdue documentation. An effective way of ensuring no child slips under the radar.

Staff Alerts

Administrators can monitor and view the documentation created by all educators. For any timeframe, the number of observations, experiences, journals, outcome comments and reflections of pedagogy created by each staff member is displayed.

Reflections of Pedagogy

Regular reflections of pedagogy are crucial in supporting continuous improvement. Educators can reflect on their practice and create links to the appropriate Principles and Practices and the National Quality Standards. Managers can provide feedback, and educators can then respond to that feedback, reflecting on any changes they have made to their practice or thinking as a result of the reflection.

Detailed learning journey

Individual learning journeys can be created for every child, clearly showing the increasing sophistication in the way children evidence the outcomes and developmental milestones.


EarlyWorks’ Programming Quality Indicators provide the leadership team with an indication of the extent to which educators are engaging with EarlyWorks’ programming tools.

Collaborative QIP

Administrators and Educators can contribute towards the service’s Quality Improvement Plan. Ease of access and simple input design enable the QIP to be a living document that continuously evolves over time.

Record QIP Strengths and Improvements

Strengths and Improvements can be added and updated at any time by both administrators and educators, making the QIP a live working document creating a shared vision for the service. For security, only Administrators can include the Strengths and Improvements in the service’s QIP.

Evolving QIP Evidence List

Evidence to support the QIP is collected in the QIP Evidence List and can be added to by every educator and administrator. Links to observations, journals, experiences, and reflections of pedagogy can be added as evidence and linked to the appropriate Quality Area.