Online Forms, Events, Tasks and Checklists

EarlyWorks makes it easy for families and educators to communicate important information from any internet connected device at any time. Incident, Medication and Excursion forms can be completed and signed online. Tasks and checklists can be set, viewed and updated, and events can be added to each user’s event calendar.

Online Forms

The EarlyWorks Incident Report, Medication Authority and Excursion/Incursion Permission forms have been developed in line with ACECQA guidelines. With a consistent push towards sustainable practices from ACECQA, EarlyWorks’ automated online forms have been designed with sustainability in mind.

Educators and families can complete and sign forms online from any smart device, so the focus at pick up and drop off time is the children rather than paperwork. Families are also notified of significant changes to each form’s status as they happen, reducing the need for multiple phone calls during the day.


Every EarlyWorks user has their own events calendar, making it easy for services to share important events and tasks with families and educators.

Educators can keep track of birthdays, special events, tasks, and excursions. Excursion permission forms can also be generated and sent via the events calendar.

Administrators can save time by adding events to all calendars in one simple process. An effective way to share global events such as board meetings, public holidays, and celebrations.

Educators also have the option of adding planned experiences from the program to the events calendar. Ideal for OSHC and holiday programs, where families may need to send their children prepared for water activities, outdoor fun, or trips to the movies.


Administrators and educators can set themselves and others tasks in EarlyWorks. Tasks appear in the events calendar as well as the task schedule, and can be assigned on a recurring basis. Administrators can see which tasks are pending and which have been completed for all educators and families. An effective way to manage daily and one-off tasks.


Tasks can be set as checklists. Ideal for more complex tasks involving multiple steps such as first aid box checks.