Family Communication

EarlyWorks makes it easy to keep families informed about the program and their child’s progress in real time.

Learning and Development

EarlyWorks enables easy access to children’s portfolios of observations, journals, images and family communications in just one click. Parents and Educators can view children’s current learning, areas of strength and progression towards goals. Having each child’s individual documentation in one place allows educators to easily reflect, evaluate, and plan for each child. As educators continue to observe children, their profile grows and becomes a complete learning summary which includes family input and daily communications.

Photo, Video and Document Sharing

EarlyWorks allows educators and families to share photos, videos and documents relating to the child’s learning, interests and development.

Family and Educator App

Families, educators and administrators can download the free EarlyWorks App. The App includes all of the functionality of the web version, as well as the option to receive push notifications.


Services can save precious time by importing menus on a cyclical basis, with flexibility of making changes on the day. Educators have the option of sending notifications to all or individual families when meal or bottle information is added.


EarlyWorks includes one touch timer to record toileting and nappy change times, as well as one touch icons for nappy information.

Rest and Sleep

EarlyWorks saves educators time with the one touch timer to record and monitor sleep times. Families and educators are then able to track sleep changes over time.


Educators can use the one touch clock to record sunscreen application times.

Daily Notes

Educators can share daily group and individual notes with families.


Families can only view information for their children. All users have the option of receiving email and/or push notifications when significant documentation has been added.

Extended Access

Families can choose to request login access for extended family, allied health professionals or guardians.

Home Activities

Educators can create activities for children to do at home using the At Home Activity function. An effective way of keeping families and children connected to the service when they are unable to attend.

Online Forms

EarlyWorks includes online incident report, medication, and excursion forms. Families, administrators, and educators are notified when forms are added, updated, or signed. Administrators can track the progress of online forms and send reminders. All online forms can be signed online, creating a sustainable and convenient option for all users.

Service documents

Important documents such as parent handbooks, policies, and the Quality Improvement Plan can be shared with families using the service documents function. These documents will be immediately available to all families as soon as they are added.

Announcements and Quick Notifications

Announce upcoming service events to groups or individuals. Report unexpected events such as communicable illness or changes to service access can be communicated quickly and efficiently using quick notifications. Messages can be sent as push notifications to all families and staff with the click on a button.