Making Observations Meaningful with EarlyWorks

EarlyWorks makes it easy for educators to record meaningful observations with unique observation templates where educators can:

  • Link directly to the experience/s from the program that are being observed,
  • label the observation according to the observation style
  • make objective recordings of children’s behaviour,
  • reflect on the learning observed,
  • link directly to the EYLF, MTOP, and custom frameworks,
  • record the voice of the child,
  • include captioned images and video recordings,
  • add to the service’s QIP evidence with a single click, and
  • link directly to a plan of action or next experience.

Using EarlyWorks Educators can create one group observation, and then customize with individual outcomes, outcome comments, captioned images and children’s voices. Families will see an observation that not only shows the dynamics and learning of the whole group, but also the individual learning, interests and voice of their child.  

Families can then comment on observations, providing their insight and ideas for future learning, creating a beautiful link between childcare and home.

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