At home support for children and families

Dear EarlyWorks Administrators and Educators,

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the EarlyWorks community as we deal with the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought to us.

It is likely that all services will be impacted in some way over the coming months.  It could be that services will begin supporting children and families online rather than face to face.  Families may be caring for their children at home, but still want access to educational programs and activities in order to ensure their child’s learning is not impacted.

At EarlyWorks we are fast tracking the development of an enhancement that will allow services to share activities and online resources with families.  Families will be able to comment directly on the experiences shared, as well as uploading photos of their children engaged in the experiences and activities.  In effect, families will become first educators, with the support of their service.  Services will also be able to create journals in which children’s home learning is shared and reflected on, and outcomes ticked and commented upon. 

This enhancement will support services in continuing to provide education and care to all children and families.

Take care,

Jane Mangano
EarlyWorks Education Specialist

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