Home Activity Experiences

Administrators, Team Leaders and Educator Assistants can create experiences (home activities) for families to do with their children at home.  Families can add comments directly on to these home activities, sharing their observations of their child/ren engaged in the home activity. Families can also attach images to their comments.

Entering home activities

Home Activities are entered in the same way as experiences. To make the experience a home activity, click on the AT HOME ACTIVITY checkbox on the bottom left of the General Information tab.

Once the AT HOME ACTIVITY checkbox has been ticked, and the experience has been made visible to either families linked to children planned for, or all families, the Send Notification to Families button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on this button will result in notifications being sent to families linked to Children Planned for if that visibility option has been selected, or all families in the room if that visibility option has been selected.

Links to online resources (e.g. stories, YouTube clips) can now be added in the Narrative text box. 

Resources such as documents and images, can be added from the Resources tab.

Entering family observations, comments and feedback

Families can access the Home Activities by clicking on the Home Activities link in the Child Summary. This link will only appear if a home activity has been created for the child.

Families can share their observations, comments and feedback in the textbox at the bottom of the Home Activity screen and clicking on the Save button.

Families can also share photos of their child engaged in the activity by clicking on the Save & Attach button.

Accessing and responding to family feedback on home activities

Families’ feedback on home activities are saved as Family Comments. These comments can be accessed via the Child Summary under ‘Comments’, or by selecting the Comments tab from the Edit Child screen.  These family comments will be labelled FAMILY FEEDBACK ON HOME ACTIVITY. The comment will also include a link to the relevant home activity.

As with all other comments, Educators and Administrators can reply to the comments, attach images to their reply, and extend on the comment by clicking the Extend button.

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