Taking a planned and reflective approach

How many times have I said ‘This year will be different’… ‘this year I’m going to exercise’… ‘this year I’m going to cut out sugar’ (yeah right!).. “this year I’m going to “take a planned and reflective approach to implementing the educational program by using an assessment and planning cycle and engaging with critical reflection to improve the program and practice…” (I didn’t make that bit up; it’s taken directly from ACECQA’s Guide to the NQF)

EarlyWorks can’t help you exercise or cut out sugar, however it can support you in taking a planned and reflective approach. In fact, users of EarlyWorks can:

  • Create their reflections of pedagogy
    • Link these reflections to the QIP Evidence List
    • Link to programs
    • Extend reflections into observations that can be used to inform the program
    • Receive feedback from Ed Leaders
    • Link to Principles, Practices and NQS
  • Create discussion groups for every program using Program Comments
    • Reply to other educator’s comments
    • Extend comments into observations to inform the program
    • Communicate with part time and casual educators
    • Share ideas for building on learning and interests of the children
  • Evaluate experiences
    • Every educator in a room can share their thoughts on what worked and what could be improved for every experience using the ‘Evaluation of Experience’
    • Make suggestions for improvement
    • Celebrate any unexpected outcomes

It gets even better (difficult to believe, I know😊) Once you have created your experiences and linked to observations and journals, EarlyWorks will generate planning cycle reports for every single child! So when all of your planning and reflecting evolves into new experiences in the program, and you link your individual and group observations and journals to those experiences, EarlyWorks’ gift is an automatically generated planning cycle for every child AND for every room.

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