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As educators, it can feel like we’re constantly selling the idea of sharing to the children in our care. There’s a reason why we focus so much on sharing with children: sharing is important for adults too!

I have been doing a bit of reading about the importance of sharing information in the workplace. By sharing information, common understandings are created, and the best decisions made. Sharing information also increases productivity, promotes collaboration, and prevents loss of important knowledge.

I don’t think this is anything new to people working in early childhood education and care.  We are generally pretty good at sharing information. We share ideas, programs, resources, observations, laughs… the list goes on.  And we share with everyone in our community: colleagues, families, children, allied health professionals and so on.

EarlyWorks understands the importance of sharing. EarlyWorks makes it easy to store information in one place, and to share information with families, colleagues and assessors.

Share with families, in real time:

  • Observations, journals, comments, programs, documents, photos, events, incident forms, excursion forms, medication forms, policies, newsletters, menus, toileting and nappy information, sleep times and more!

Share with colleagues:

  • All that you share with families, as well as program comments/ideas, evaluations of experiences, summative assessments, group and individual planning cycles, reflections, tasks, QIP strengths and improvements, group and individual outcome profiles and more!

Share with the Rating and Assessment team:

  • For the duration of their visit, provide the Assessor with admin access to EarlyWorks and they can view:
    • Individual and room planning cycles
    • Programs, observations and journals
    • QIP notes documenting strengths and improvements
    • Online forms
      • Medication forms
      • Excursion forms
      • Incident report forms
    • Completed QIP
    • Evidence of communication with families
  • Evidence of critical reflection and action taken
    • Daily Communications
      • Menus
      • Toileting information
      • Sleep information
      • Bottle information

At EarlyWorks we also like to share😊. 

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