Some things just must be shared

One of the reasons I love my job of education consultant at EarlyWorks, is that I get to see and hear about some amazing initiatives happening in the EarlyWorks’ community.

This week I had the pleasure of chatting to Katrina from Noah’s Ark Care and Learning Centre in Berkeley Vale, New South Wales.  One of Katrina’s roles is Community Officer.  With all that has been going on with Covid-19 and the impact that is having on families, community engagement has become incredibly important. 

Many families are doing it tough right now, so Noah’s Ark have introduced a “Take what you need, give if you can” initiative, to provide food for families in the Noah’s Ark community experiencing hardship.  As Katrina pointed out, the bills keep coming when times are tough, so being given a helping hand stocking the pantry can make a lot of difference.

Katrina has used EarlyWorks to spread the word amongst families by creating a room called “Community”, and adding a program called “Take what you need, give if you can”. Then she has shared the progress of the pantry filling up with donated goodies through weekly journals.  Katrina used the ‘invite’ function to invite all children into each of the journals.

Noah’s Ark have used EarlyWorks to share all of their community initiatives such as: Super Hero Week to raise money for Bear Cottage, a children’s hospice in NSW; Collecting bread tags to help children in wheelchairs; Collecting pyjamas for children in the care of Barnado’s charity’.

Katrina loves the way all this community spirit is seamlessly linked to the QIP in EarlyWorks, ensuring Noah’s Ark’s documentation reflects the amazing work they are doing to engage and support their community.

Keep being fabulous Noah’s Ark!

If your service would like to have a chat about using EarlyWorks in new and creative ways, please contact us😊.

One of Katrina’s journals, spreading the word amongst the Noah’s Ark community for “Take what you need, give if you can”.

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