Ready to go to the next level with EarlyWorks?

You may have been using EarlyWorks for a while now and you and your team are pretty expert at creating your programs, evidencing the planning cycle, and sharing journals, observations and daily communications (sleep, nappy, and mealtime information) with families.   You know there are a lot more functions in EarlyWorks, and you would like to find out some more about them, but the reality is, you just haven’t had time.

If this sounds like you, read on!

Over the next few weeks we will be going through some of EarlyWorks’ more advanced functions, one by one. When you read our blogs, you’ll realise not only are these functions simple to use, but they will also save you a lot of precious time. 

The first is the ‘Copy to Another Room’ function. 

The ‘Copy to Another Room’ function allows educators to share experiences from one room to another.  So, if you run a pre-school and you have an outdoor program that will be the same for every group (or room), you just need to create the program once and then use the Copy to Another Room function to copy the experiences from the outdoor program in one room, to the outdoor program in your other rooms.  It’s that easy!

Step One: Add your experiences to your outdoor program for your first room.

Step Two: Click on the ‘Copy to Another Room’ button at the top of the Experience list for your Program.

Step Three: Select the experiences you would like copied, and select the room and program you want the experiences to be copied to.

When you copy experiences from one room to another the following elements are copied:

  • Experience Name and Date
  • Resources
  • Narrative (description of the experience)
  • Intended Outcomes
  • QIP Evidence
  • Evaluation of Experience (NOT Evaluation of Learning)

The following elements are not copied:

  • Links to children
  • Links to evaluations of learning (observations and journals)

If you are spending precious time manually adding the same program to multiple rooms, then the Copy to Another Room function might be just the time saver you’ve been looking for 😊.

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