Making communication with families even easier

The importance of collaborative partnerships with families is reflected under Quality Area 6 of the NQS. As early childhood professionals we also understand that children are much more likely to reach their potential and generally thrive in life, when we work closely with families.

One way that EarlyWorks has made it easier for families’ views, ideas, beliefs and insights to be included in documentation is with the addition of feedback prompts for photos, observations and journals. 

When adding comments to observations and journals, families will be offered the following prompts: This is interesting because… I have also noticed… At home I could follow up by… I was pleased to see…

When adding comments to photos families will be offered these prompts: I love this photo because… This photo reminds me of… This photo is interesting because…

These prompts are just another way of encouraging and supporting families to be involved in the service (6.1.1) and for them to share in decision-making about their child’s learning and wellbeing (6.1.2).

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