Is it really ok to plan for screen time in OSHC?

According to ACECQA’s latest We Hear You blog (October 16), not only is it ok to plan for screen time, but it’s also a source of learning that shouldn’t be overlooked!  The blog highlights the potential for developing learning dispositions of curiosity, perseverance, problem solving and confidence (MTOP Outcome 4) through rich open-ended digital learning experiences.

One of the experiences suggested in the blog was for children be invited to become involved with the technology used by the service to plan experiences, record observations, take photos and short videos.

EarlyWorks lends itself beautifully to child involvement:

  • Children could research ideas for planned experiences, and then add these planned experiences to EarlyWorks, either individually or as a group. Children could even complete the evaluation of experience afterwards.  In their view what worked, what didn’t work so well, and what would they do differently next time?  (NQS 1.2.3 Child directed learning; MTOP Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners)
  • Children could take photos for observations and journals providing a beautiful insight into children’s learning. (NQS 1.1.2 Child centred; MTOP Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners)
  • Children could be encouraged to write the narratives for journals.  Older children could even interview the younger children and document the ‘voice of the child’. This would be particularly effective for school holiday programs, where being a ‘roving reporter/blogger’ could be a planned activity.  Children could write, perhaps in the style of a news post, or as a blog. (NQS 5.2 Relationships between children, and 5.2.1 Collaborative learning; MTOP Outcome 5 Children are effective communicators).
  • Children could complete the Reflection of Learning. What better way to gain insight into children’s learning, than to ask them to reflect on their own learning? Older children could ask younger children to share what they found challenging, what they found easy, and what they learnt. (MTOP Outcome 2 Children and connected with and contribute to their world)
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