Forward Plan with EarlyWorks for Outdoor Classroom Day!

Thursday 1st November is Outdoor Classroom Day! To sign your service up to Australia’s Outdoor Classroom Day, simply go to
As a child care or OSHC service, we are already be taking learning outdoors on most days of the year. So for us, it can be a celebration of what we already do. It is also an opportunity to share what we do with families! It is likely our parents have very fond memories of their own outdoor play experiences from childhood; now we can share the joy of their children’s outdoor play using EarlyWorks.

New EarlyWorks Features to assist with Forward Planning

  • With EarlyWorks’ new date field for New Experiences, educators can forward plan for Outdoor Classroom Day by setting the date for 1st November!
  • With EarlyWorks’ new draft status for Experiences, educators can hide experiences from the family view, while drafting and editing by clicking on ‘draft’ or ‘not visible to families’ on the Edit Experience screen.
  • Now with the ‘add resource related images’ function, educators can add images and documents depicting resources used for planning to experiences. These images then appear in the program. So if educators want to plan special outdoor activities such as obstacle courses, treasure hunts, or outdoor art galleries, images to assist with planning can be added to the program.

Get involved with Outdoor Classroom Day on November 1st!

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