Family Day Care Educators, We Salute You!

It is no secret Family Day Care Educators are highly valued by the families that choose to have their children cared for in a home environment. According to Family Day Care Australia, families might choose family day care so that siblings can be cared for together, and because families can build trusting relationships with Educators over the entire time children are in under school age, and school age care.  For some families this might mean the same Educator who cared for a child when they were six weeks old, is still providing out of school hours care for that child when they are finishing primary school.

In order to provide this kind of education and care, Family Day Care Educators who are usually working alone, can be time poor, have limitations when it comes to taking leave, and are limited in their ability to attend PD during working hours.

At EarlyWorks we understand how valued Family Day Care Educators are, and how difficult it can be to access any kind of support when taking the plunge into online documentation.  That is why we have a suite of Quick Start Videos and Getting Started with EarlyWorks videos on our website. And, that is why we offer a one month free trial of EarlyWorks for FDC Educators to have time to experiment and get familiar with EarlyWorks before making a commitment.  And, that is why in addition to our office hours phone support, we offer email support at any time.

If you are a Family Day Care Educator and would like to find out more about how EarlyWorks can support you in supporting your children and families, feel free to get in touch😊.

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