Supporting children and families moving to ‘big school’

It’s that time of year where we have to say goodbye to children making the transition to ‘big’ school.  While we know this should be an exciting time, it can feel really sad, saying goodbye to children who have been with us such a long time.

Some children will have been with your service since they were babies, so strong attachments will have been developed as you provided a secure base for children to explore and learn.

According to ACECQA, the main key to success in children transitioning from day care to school is sharing of information about each child’s learning, interests, and strengths.  So how do we condense all that we know and understand about each child in one document?

EarlyWorks makes this very easy.  In fact, it can be achieved with the click of a few buttons.

By clicking on the Learning Journey in the Child List, a report is created detailing the outcome comments and developmental milestone comments added for Observations within any date range. A very easy way to provide a summative assessment for every graduating child.

By clicking on View Profile in the Child List, a table is presented showing the outcomes that have been planned for and observed for a child in each quarter of the previous year, as well as the developmental milestones that have been achieved.  Clicking on Print Profile creates a Word or PDF report ready for sharing.

Clicking on Print Portfolio, creates a beautiful portfolio of the print version of the family view of the observations created for the child over the current year.

With the click of a few buttons Educators can access and then share learning journeys (summative assessments), profiles, and portfolios with the school staff making the transition to school a smooth one. 

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