EarlyWorks and the Kindergarten and Preschool classroom

If you are an early childhood teacher in a preschool and are wondering if you can use EarlyWorks, the good news is, yes you can.

Using EarlyWorks you can:

  • Create programs linking to the EYLF, VEYLDF, Kindergarten Curriculum, and Developmental Milestones and any other framework or curriculum.
  • Create observations and journals of children engaged in the program.
  • Share observations, journals and programs with families.
  • Create detailed learning journeys for every child.
  • Create end of year portfolios for families.
  • Keep track of individual and room planning cycles using the EarlyWorks planning cycle generator.
  • Share documents with families.
  • Communicate with families individually and as groups.
  • Create and add to the QIP on an ongoing basis.
  • Engage in individual and group critical reflection.

EarlyWorks also offers free online training and phone support which might count towards professional development hours for registration.

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