What are we doing today?

With EarlyWorks it is easy to share what you are doing today with educators, administrators and most importantly families.  By including experiences from the program on the Events Calendar, room leaders can keep everyone up to date with what is happening and when.

How do I include experiences in the Events Calendar?

There are just two easy steps:

  1. From the Maintain menu item, select Settings, and then click on ‘Show experiences in the events calendar’ and select ‘Display for families and educators’.
  • When adding experiences to the program, click on the ‘Calendar’ tab, and select the dates you would like the experience to appear on the events calendar.  You can select multiple dates for experiences, so if you are repeating an experience on several days, it can be added for each day.

Why include experiences from the program in the Events Calendar?

Including experiences from the program in the Events Calendar is particularly helpful for OSHC services and holiday programs where families may need to pack special items for excursions, like wet weather gear, towels, and hats.  These instructions for families can be included in the description of the experience, which can also be accessed from the Events Calendar.

Being able to see each day’s experiences the night before will make mornings much less stressful for busy working families (QA 1.3.3 Information for Families; 6.2 Collaborative Partnerships).

In long daycare, being able to see what will be happening each day means families can talk to their child about what they’ll be doing that day, making children feel safe and secure knowing what to expect when they arrive at child care (EYLF Outcome 1).

Room leaders can update the Event Calendar at any time, so when experiences need to be moved around because of the weather, children’s interests, or availability of resources, the dates can be easily adjusted. So if an educator can see that the children are totally absorbed in an activity, and maybe the children make the decision to continue with an activity rather than starting a new planned experience, the calendar can be adjusted, and parents kept informed (QA 1.2.3 Child directed learning; 1.2.2 Responsive teaching and scaffolding).

The Events calendar can even be supplemented with Quick Notifications to keep families informed of any changes to the program (QA 6.2 Collaborative partnerships: 1.3.3 Information for families).

Now when children ask families ‘what are we doing today?’ Families will be able to tell them😊

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