Using Multiple Frameworks

I had a bit of an ‘ah ha’ moment this week, thanks to Dr Christine Robinson as I was reading her chapter ‘Current Australian Frameworks and Play’ in the text ‘Learning through Play: Creating a play-based approach within early childhood contexts’. In this chapter she talks about the challenges of utilising multiple frameworks.  This happens most commonly during the overlap years when teachers implement both the Australian Curriculum and the EYLF.

This got me thinking about many of our EarlyWorks services who use the EYLF as well as another framework, most commonly a Kindy Curriculum or Montessori Curriculum. My ‘ah ha’ moment happened when Christine Robinson pointed out that the EYLF is all about the ‘how’ or the pedagogy, whereas the Australian Curriculum is all about the ‘what’ or the content.  And this is the case with the Kindy and Montessori curriculums.  So rather than feeling like we are programming twice by implementing two frameworks, we are actually only programming once, just with greater depth by documenting what we want children to learn and how they will learn it.

This is where EarlyWorks can ease the documentation burden often felt by educators implementing multiple frameworks.  In one observation, journal or experience, educators can address both the how (EYLF) and the what (Kindy, Montessori or Australian Curriculum).

Using EarlyWorks’ Forward Planning function, Educators can plan experiences addressing both the Australian Curriculum and the EYLF.

EarlyWorks also allows Educators to tick and comment on multiple frameworks in a single observation.

Educators can address multiple frameworks in a single Program.

In each experience in the program educators can include outcomes from multiple frameworks

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