Transforming Routines into Rituals – Part Two

I sometimes wonder how many people read our blogs. Well, it was clear from our last blog about rethinking routines as rituals, there are a lot of you out there who do.  Thank you!  We had lots of queries about adding both routines and rituals as programs and experiences in EarlyWorks. We also had lots of chats to our wonderful educators about the importance of rituals in making us all mindful, thoughtful, and just happier 😊.

So, in response to this feedback, I thought I would take rituals one step further and show how you might evidence the critical reflection you will engage in as you transform routines into rituals. You’ll be surprised how you can easily create your critical reflection, extend that reflection into an observation, and then link that observation to your new ritual experience.  And so the cycle continues as you observe the children engaged in the rituals.

Step One: Create a new Reflection of Pedagogy

Record your thoughts and reflections about your current routines and how you might become more thoughtful, mindful and intentional in everything you routinely do with the children.

Step Two: Use the Extend function to create an Observation from your Reflection of Pedagogy

Simply click on the green ‘Extend’ button to link your reflection to the program by turning it into an observation.

Step Three: Create a Rituals Program and add your rituals as experiences

Create your first rituals experience in your new Rituals program and link your rituals observation to it as the preceding observation.

Part One:

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