Share Planned Experiences Between Rooms

I was going to wait until we had actually released this new feature before writing a blog about it, but I just couldn’t wait. And, I wanted to give all of our wonderful users of EarlyWorks something to look forward to other than the weekend😊.

We are adding a new feature to EarlyWorks that will allow educators to share planned experiences between rooms.  Yes, between rooms!  The only parts of the experience that won’t be copied to the new room will be the children planned for and the preceding observations, as these will be different when the experience is used in a different room.

I can see so many uses for this new function! 

  • Services could create a new room and call it something like ‘Shared Experiences’.  Then programs could be added to the room that relate to themes, age groups, sports, excursions, or whatever is relevant to your service.
  • When a planned experience exceeds all expectations and results in unexpected outcomes being achieved and developmental milestones being met, the experience could be copied into the Shared Experiences room, into the relevant Program.  So, if it’s a dinosaur themed activity, it could go into the themes program, if it is sport related, it could be copied into the Sport program.  You get the idea.  Those experiences will then be ready to be re-used and perhaps modified when copied to programs in children’s rooms.
  • Programs that run each year could be saved in the Shared Experiences room and then copied into the children’s room when educators feel the children are ready to begin the program.  This could work well for school readiness programs.
  • Specialist educators and teachers could save their programs in the Shared Experience room (or they might create their own room) and then copy the relevant experience to the children’s rooms that they are working with.  This would work well for music, dance, and sport specialists.
  • Where services run multi age rooms this would be particularly helpful.  Educators would be able to share planned experiences between rooms and would save duplication of work.

Like all of EarlyWorks’ functions, I am sure you will come up with other creative and time saving uses for this new function.

Have a fabulous weekend, and look out for our new experience sharing feature!

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