Sample request to your director/owner to trial EarlyWorks

Sample Email to director/owner:

I recently came across a tool that I think may be useful for our service.  It’s a software product called EarlyWorks (

Using EarlyWorks, our educators will be able to:

  • Generate educational programs that are compatible with EYLF, MTOP or any other customised outcome framework,
  • Contribute to and generate the service’s Quality Improvement Plan (QIP),
  • Reflect on programs using links to the Principles, Practices and Quality Areas of the NQS,
  • Share programs, observations, journal entries and photos with families,
  • Create child files and portfolios,
  • Record and share daily communications (bottle times, sleep times, nappy changes, meal portions etc.) with families, and
  • View each child’s progress at anytime, anywhere on any computer, smartphone or tablet using the EarlyWorks’ native app for Apple and Android devices.

If you are interested, we can request an online demo of EarlyWorks at  If it looks good we can then organise a no obligation, one month free trial.

Let me know what you think?

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