Let’s celebrate how far we have come

December is a crazy busy time for education and care services: old families leaving, new families enrolling, OHSC long holiday programs starting, documentation being finalised, and on top of this, our own family Christmas madness to be managed! It is definitely not a good time for the faint hearted!

When we are in the middle of this craziness, it can feel like we are merely surviving and not really making a difference. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth (Yes, I’m serious).

The evidence for the difference we have made is right in front of us in our service’s QIP (Quality Improvement Plan) and all of the evidence that we have collected to support it. If the focus of the NQS is reflective practice and continuous improvement, then we need to take time out every now and again to celebrate the improvements we have made. If ever we deserved a celebration just for us, I think it’s now!

Using EarlyWorks, educators can revisit the year that was by going through the year’s QIP notes and noticing the improvements sought in the first quarter of the year that have made their way into the list of strengths in the final quarter of the year.

Educators can also revisit their reflections of pedagogy and notice the improvements in practice that have directly evolved from those reflections. Maybe one of your reflections on how feeds could be better managed in the babies’ room (Principle 1: Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships. QA5: Relationships with children) resulted in more consistency with feeding, which in turn resulted in more secure attachments between educators and babies. We know that when babies have a sense of trust and security with educators they “are more confident, feel more secure, will be more creative and will be more likely to explore the world of learning.” (Aussie Childcare Network, Understanding the EYLF, 2009)

So I guess you may never know the extent of the impact quality reflections have on the children and families in your care. I think that should be celebrated!