Keeping track of outcomes and milestones for every child in every room

One of the big challenges for educators can be keeping track of all of the outcomes and milestones that have been both planned for and observed for every child in a service.  We might be planning and delivering amazing experiences that are child focused, and beautifully informed by the evidence we have gathered. However, when it comes to keeping track of what outcomes we have and haven’t focused on, or what milestones have or haven’t been demonstrated, it can be quite a challenge, particularly for those of us who value creativity and connection to our children, over pain staking record keeping. Sounding familiar?

The good news for the EarlyWorks community of educators, is that we can embrace creativity and connectedness and let EarlyWorks do all of the fastidious (and potentially time consuming) tracking of outcomes and milestones.

EarlyWorks automatically extracts from relevant planning and observations, all of the outcomes that have been planned for and/or observed for every child, as well as the developmental milestones that have been demonstrated, recording dates and documentation details for every child, every quarter.  This is all professionally presented in each child’s Child Profile. 

It doesn’t stop there (EarlyWorks loves to track!). EarlyWorks also creates a Child Analysis Chart for every child in the service, showing the number of times each outcome has been planned and observed, making it clear if there is a discrepancy between what is being planned and what is actually being observed.

So when the assessors come to the service, and ask “how educators analyse the information that is gathered about each child to make assessments of each child’s progress towards specific learning outcomes” (Guide to the National Quality Standard 1.3), EarlyWorks educators can show how they have used the Child Profile and Analysis Chart to keep track of progress towards outcomes and milestones and then use that information to inform planning.

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