New Incident, Injury, Illness and Trauma Form

Improve your incident reporting processes using our automated online forms.

The EarlyWorks team is excited to launch its online Incident, Injury, Illness and Trauma Report.

The EarlyWorks Incident Report has been developed inline with ACECQA requirements. It allows you to quickly and easily record the details of an incident as well as any follow up actions that have been taken.

With a consistent push towards sustainable practices from ACECQA, EarlyWorks’ automated online incident reporting has been designed with sustainability in mind.

Parents/guardians are automatically notified when a new Incident Report has been added to their child’s record and are prompted to complete and sign the form from their computer or smart device.

Using specially developed FormWorks technology, families and educators can sign the Incident Report form online, directly from their phones, tablets or computers – reducing printing and paper costs.

This same technology allows educators to mark where on the child’s body an injury has occurred, just as they would on a paper form.

All forms are saved within EarlyWorks but can also be exported as a PDF for printing or saving elsewhere.

The new Incident, Injury, Illness and Trauma Form (Beta) will be available from the 9th February 2019.

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