Highly visible EYLF Planning Cycles for every child

What happened before and what happened next?

EarlyWorks makes it very easy to keep track of what happened before an observation or experience, and what happened next. 

The Observation and Journal Lists, provide links to the experience/s being observed as well as the next experience planned.

In the Program, under the ‘Link to Children’ Column the dates of preceding observations are listed together with the children in those observations; the names of the children planned for are listed; and the dates of any observations or journals documenting the children’s learning are listed together with the children’s names.

The icing on the cake is the Planning Cycle Report.  EarlyWorks can detect whether there are evident planning cycles for each child, and educators can easily generate planning cycle reports for every room and every child.

If you’re spending hours trying to see the links in your documentation and losing sleep over planning cycles for your children, maybe it’s time to contact us 😊.

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