Getting “in the moment”

One of the great challenges in producing daily journals is capturing those precious moments of learning as they happen. Finding time in a busy day to take photos, print photos, jot down notes, type notes out, stick the photos and notes into books or onto posters can be challenging. By the time you are ready to jot down the observation, the moment can be lost.

Feedback from Educators who have changed over to EarlyWorks, is that their observations and images are now more meaningful and they are produced more efficiently. Educators can enter their photos and observations of children’s learning as it happens, right in the moment.

The daily journal can then be shared with families before the child leaves for the day. This means parents can ask their child questions and make comments about their child’s day s on the way home, allowing the child to share precious moments of learning with parents while it is still fresh and relevant.

Parents often comment on the way the daily journals act as a springboard for discussion. In fact, some have said that EarlyWorks has provided them with insight they hadn’t previously been privy to. EarlyWorks  allows parents to not only share in their child’s achievements and learning, but also add to it, by sharing their own comments and photos from home. This sharing of learning and development between educators and families creates an environment of sharing where children feel the connection between home and childcare.