Everybody’s QIP

According to ACECQA, the QIP should involve all relevant stakeholders: educators, managers, children and families. It also needs to be updated at least once a year, available on request to all stakeholders, and available at the service. Making this collaboration happen can be quite a challenge, and is one of the reasons so many educators are turning to EarlyWorks.

Your service’s entire QIP can be produced within EarlyWorks; with EarlyWorks, the QIP becomes everybody’s business. When observations, journal entries, program comments, reflections of pedagogy, or parent comments are entered into EarlyWorks, at the click of a button, educators and managers can choose to include this as evidence for the service’s QIP. This collaboration and sharing results in a dynamic document that is truly owned by everybody.

Using EarlyWorks, all staff can also identify and record areas of strength as well as areas needing improvement in easy to use templates that link to the Quality Areas and Elements. This shows that your service is continually revisiting and reflecting on the service’s plans for quality improvement.

Feedback from services who have made to move to EarlyWorks, is that their QIP is now a live, working document owned by everybody, thus creating a shared vision for the service.