Copying planned experiences from one room to another.

Now that’s worth sharing 😊

How often have you planned an experience for children in one room of your service, and then thought that it would also work well for children in other rooms? Or maybe you thought it would be better suited to children in one of the other rooms. Maybe you planned an experience for the OSHC room and would like to share it with the Kindy room. 

EarlyWorks’ recently added ‘Copy to Another Room’ function allows educators to copy experiences from one room to another.  Educators can even create a room in EarlyWorks just for collecting programs and experiences that can be shared, in just three easy steps.

Step One: Add a new room and call it something like ‘Shared Experiences’.

Step Two: Add a series of programs to the new room so that experiences can be appropriately grouped. You might have programs such as: wet weather activities, water fun, art and craft, literacy, social skills, sustainability…

Step Three: Whenever you plan an experience that is worth sharing with other rooms, just copy it to the appropriate program in the Shared Experience room, and it’s ready to be copied into another program in any other room at any time.

This sharing of experiences among different rooms enables educators to continuously improve as the evaluation of experience will be carried over with the experience (Principle 5: Ongoing learning and reflective practice).  In the evaluation educators might address questions such as:

  • Were any children disadvantaged by this experience? How might the experience be changed to rectify this?
  • What theories, philosophies and understandings were drawn on when planning and implementing this experience? 
  • Were the intended outcomes achieved?
  • Were there any unintended outcomes?
  • What worked and what didn’t work?

Sharing experiences among rooms may also enhance continuity of learning and transitions (Practice 5). Building on experiences from the toddler room in the kindy room for example, may enhance children’s confidence and sense of security as they adapt to the new setting.  As is pointed out in the Belonging, Being and Becoming document, a culture of sharing of information is likely to ensure a smooth and successful transition from one room to another (EYLF p.16).

Copying experiences from one room to another; now that’s definitely worth sharing😊.

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