Consistently Engage With Families

Striving for Best Practice – Tip Two

This is the second in the EarlyWorks’ Striving for Best Practice blog series.

Tip Number Two – Consistently engage with families

One of the considerations for assessing whether a service qualifies as exceeding for Standard 1.3, is the extent to which all educators, the educational leader and coordinators ‘consistently engage with families about their child’s progress…’

This engagement can be difficult when families’ circumstances mean they are time poor, and therefore rushed when dropping off and picking up children from the service. 

With a little creativity and help from EarlyWorks, this engagement can still happen; in fact, the quality of the engagement may be enhanced, as EarlyWorks allows families to engage at a time and place that works for them (so tailored to the families’ circumstances).

This engagement can happen in the following ways:

  • Comments: educators and families can engage in conversations, and even share photos using EarlyWorks’ comments function.  A fabulous way to keep a strong connection between home and childcare (1.3.3 Information for families; 6.1 Supportive relationships with families).
  • Sharing Observations and Journals: educators can share children’s progress towards learning outcomes, achievement of developmental milestones, reflections of learning, and photos evidencing the learning, through the sharing of observations and journals.  Families can then comment directly into these documents, sharing their insights and suggestions for further learning (1.3.3 Information for families; 6.1.2 Parent views are respected). 
  • Daily Communications: sleep times, feeding information, toileting, nappy changes, and any individual notes can be shared in Daily Communications.  An effective way to share children’s progress towards independence with toileting, feeding and self-settling, as well as ensuring there is consistency between home and childcare (1.3.3 Information for families; 6.2 Collaborative partnerships).
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